Short bangs = prominent brows

I visited my sister (aka my personal stylist) over the weekend in L.A. to hang out, show off the baby, and while at it, get my hair trimmed.

I sat in her kitchen with a garbage bag smock on and chatted as she chopped. As she scissored the bangs,  I watched 2 1/2-inch pieces of hair drop into my lap.

“Hmmm…were my bangs really that  long?” I wondered.

Then my sister started furiously smoothing my hair down, as if rapid petting might make my fringe grow.

“You usually like them short,” she said worriedly.

I think they are short enough.

“In two weeks, they’ll be perfect,” she offered.

So true — but in the mean time, my brows are on parade. Probably a good time to visit my favorite brow guy, Koltton Fox.

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2 Responses to “Short bangs = prominent brows”

  1. Sista Says:

    I’m SORRY!

  2. carrie Says:

    LOL — no worries. Hair grows!